Bless bloggers (reviews and other stuff)

The week before The Build-Up Season came out I was involved in a The Build-Up Season Blog Tour. Five bookish bloggers let me feature on their pretty pages to answer Q & As, their questions were considered and thoughtful, and I tried to answer them as best I could while also rambling about my extensive prank war experience, crocodiles, relationships and all things Darwin (again, more crocodiles). Here are the links to The Blog Tour pages, but do poke around and check out the rest of their blogs too, because they’re great, and much fancier and prettier than mine (updated much more regularly too). Here they are –

Mollie at Mollie the Reader

Gabby at Always and Forever Reading

Anisha at Sprinkled Pages

Jeann at Happy Indulgence Books

Sarah at Written Words Worlds

Speaking of blog reviews, I was also lucky enough to get reviewed by Readings –

Also, Books and Publishing –

And The Build-Up Season featured as the Angus & Robertson Bookworld’s Staff Pick for August! (Cue happy dance. NB my happy dance sort of resembles a cross between the way Elaine from Seinfeld dances and a baby giraffe trying to run for the first time. That’s what all my attempts at dancing look like, really)—young-adult/c/staff-picks-young-adult

On top of those who wield keyboards so beautifully, there are the Youtubers, those brave articulate souls who don’t freeze and eye-twitch in front of the camera like some of us (by us, I mean me. Obviously.) Look at these dear faces! Hear their lack of stutter! Admire their editing skills! I give these guys all the gold stars and want to rain thanks all over their dear heads.




I’m always so grateful that people who aren’t my mum and dad are even reading my words, and I’m beyond grateful that people like the ones above spend their own time reviewing books and spreading their opinions among the bookish community.

The reviews I’ve linked above are nice ones (thanks!) but honestly I’m so happy that bloggers exist at all, in any capacity, and I’m appreciative whether the reviews are good, bad or otherwise, because honesty is important and I totally get if a certain story doesn’t float someone’s particular boat. The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same thing.

(However anyone who doesn’t agree that breakfast cake is a perfectly valid breakfast food is not someone whose opinions I can support. Cake for breakfast is always a glorious thing. Always. Eggs and cereal be damned.)

x M



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