Big Love

I wrote a picture book! Isn’t this cover by Beck Feiner just gorgeous? Two and a half years ago I had a baby, and the love I felt when I first held her was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. There were no words in all of the dictionaries in all of the languages that could … More Big Love

In defence of ‘unlikeable’ female characters

I’ve recently watched the Netflix series ‘The End of the F**** World’, and I loved it. I loved it for its writing, the acting, it’s Wes Anderson-esque cinematography, but mostly because it dared to show a teen female protagonist who was spiky, angry, sweary and complex. Alyssa behaves in a way that isn’t traditionally ‘nice’ … More In defence of ‘unlikeable’ female characters


I just found a couple of poems I wrote in my very early twenties. I haven’t written poetry in years, but I’ve always loved it. I read it, and I try to put a little poetry into the way I write my prose whenever I can. Much of my poetry was about unrequited love, or … More Poetry

The Two of Us

Here’s an article in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend section ‘The Two of Us’ that featured my cuzzy Shari Sebbens and me last year. It was written by the lovely and brilliant Rosamund Burton, and it encapsulates our friendship pretty perfectly. Little Darwin girls who dream big. Link to PDF version here: Two_of_Us_Megan_Jacobson_and_Shari_Sebbens