in which I am now a blogger…

My parents bought our first computer when I was seven. It was a mac, a giant thing, especially to a child, and the computer had a tiny little black and white screen that peeped out from the surrounding casing.

My brother and I borrowed these floppy disks from our friends to play video games – games in which the pixels were more abstract concepts then realistic images. The frog in Frogger did not in any way look like a frog. The floppy disks weren’t floppy, either.

Nevertheless, I was a child raised on technology, I’m technically a Millennial, but this whole blogging business boggles me. I’m trying to get my head around it, if only because the fire authorities don’t take too kindly to smoke signals, carrier pigeons are hard to catch, and too many tin cans with strings will get tangled.

So the interwebs it is.



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