VLOG! Themes in Yellow

It’s official, I am a hopeless blogger. I’ve been flat out with working on edits for book 2 (out next year!) and attending the amazing Somerset Celebration of Literature Festival (I never wanted to come home) and flying to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for the Penguin Teen Australia’s YA Squad tour, which was as awesome as it sounds. … More VLOG! Themes in Yellow

Yellow Mixtape!

Yellow is set in the 90s – I wanted a time which was just before the internet or mobiles were really a thing – but also – NOSTALGIA. While writing I was transported back to the era of overalls, bindis, tencel jeans, doc martens, purple nail-polish, Winona Ryder, The Craft, chokers, VHS, bright pink fudge hair-dye, sun-in, Dolly mag, … More Yellow Mixtape!